I wrestle between painting two realities: the premier coup, or truth as seen in the first instant versus the truth gained by examining a subject closely, be it a face, an apple or a field. 

Each has its own beauty and strength, and finding the balance is endlessly fascinating. The first impression is fresh and full of impact. A more studied observation uncovers more nuance of color and light.

My aim is to capture the nuance without losing the freshness, the strength of that quick first glance, and thus convey the very essence of the painted subject, and the passion I feel toward it.

My work includes a more precise, controlled style and a looser style with a freer brush stroke. I imagine traveling over my subject with my brush and strive to create an intimate contact with that cheek, this bottle or a reflection on the water, bringing them alive. 

I consider my most significant artistic accomplishment to be my latest still life paintings, where I captured the lusciousness of the fruit I was painting, with free brushstrokes. I consider my latest portraits satisfying for the same reasons.

 I create art because I can’t help expressing myself visually: Shapes, forms and color move me deeply, and expressing it in paint or pencil is the most enjoyable, uplifting occupation I know. I have to show what it is that I fell in love with, so that the observer will see it right away.